An IPS INC. Skip-Trace

At Integrity Process Serving INC. we do more than just process serving. We also provide Skip-Tracing. Our Skip-Tracing service includes open and close source database analysis to uncover a set of desired intel.

What kind of information can Integrity Process Serving INC. find for you?

- Name

- Date of Birth (DOB)

- Social Security Number (SSN)

- Addresses

- Phone numbers

- Property deeds

- Vehicles (Make, Model, VIN, History, Registry)

- Drivers license #

- Criminal background

- Business affiliation (Not Employment)

- Liens

- Bankruptcy

- Professional licensing

*If you are interested in IPS INC.'s skip-tracing service then please make sure to take a look at our skip-tracing information form on our FORMS page above. It is required that you have filled out this form with all prior knowledge before Integrity Process Serving INC. can conduct an efficient skip-trace search.

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