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About Us

Our owners, Jon and Paul, grew up together in Chicago and are proud graduates of Chicago Public Schools.  Jon and Paul both went on to graduate from Illinois universities and have long and fulfilling careers in federal law enforcement.

Jon worked as an FBI Special Agent in San Francisco and then Chicago. Jon is both a CPA and a licensed attorney.  After retiring from law enforcement in 2019, Jon has worked as a Public Advocate/Defender and as an Administrative Law Judge.

Paul's law enforcement career included several different federal agencies, where he specialized in investigations and intelligence.  Paul also did several tours of duties overseas.

We are very fortunate to have Joe and Carl as Directors to help guide us.  Joe is also a retired FBI Special Agent and a licensed attorney.  After his law enforcement career, Joe became a licensed Private Detective and Security Contractor in Illinois.  Joe handles/coordinates most of our skip tracing, surveillance, and other investigative work.

Carl retired as a State law enforcement officer and founded Integrity Process Serving in 2016.  Since then, Carl and Lesley built, nurtured, and automated our business. While Carl is no longer involved in our day-to-day operations, he is still lending us his guidance, support, and wealth of process serving and investigative experience.

Lesley is our Operations Manager and the main point of contact for our clients.  Lelsey has over thirty years of experience in the process serving industry, both in the office and as a process server, and she really knows how to get things done.

Rita is our Field Supervisor, responsible for training and managing our servers on the street.  Rita has over twenty years of process serving experience and she brings consistency to all of our serves and affidavits, with an investigative focus.

Lesley & Rita are assisted and supported by Toni, who handles billing. Lesley, Rita and Toni interact with our clients and our experienced team of process servers on a daily basis.

Our professional process servers and investigators, who are out on the street handling their business 24/7/365, are the heart and soul of our business.  We know we are only as good as they are!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us! We are here to handle your process serving, e-filing, skip tracing, surveillance, and other investigative work with INTEGRITY when you need us.

Call us: (844) 468-7783  or  Email us:  


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